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Twisted Goat

The Twisted GOAT is an industrial tie down that replaces ropes, ratchet straps, bungee cords and more with just a Wrap, Strap, Twist or Tie.

Featuring patented braided wire technology, embedded in a heavy duty nylon covering with a Non-Slip surface for maximum strength and connectivity. With a 500lb tensile strength rating, TwistedGOAT is perfect for securing anything.

It recently won best new product at the 2023 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas.



The SHOTBOX is a Collapsible Tabletop Photo Light Studio that uses high powered LEDs to create a perfectly lit “micro-studio” environment to get great images with any camera, including smart devices.

Using your smartphone, you can quickly and easily setup to use as a scanner for artwork and documents. Capture perfect pictures of products, memorabilia, food, and more. The lighting is perfect, so just open the SHOTBOX and get started instantly.


Bucked Up

Bucked Up® is a wildly popular supplement business with half a million followers and many fans in the workout industry. We worked closely with them to produce their double barrel product housing that met their high standards of quality and design. Their 2 currently available products are already leading the industry with their quality and effectiveness.




The SNO-GO is a brilliantly engineered bike-like device with three skis, a chairlift loading hook, and an extremely easy learning curve for gliding down the ski slopes. Most people master the basics in under an hour and are able to join their friends that ski or snowboard as they venture about the entire mountain. It’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Tech Insider, National Ski Areas Association, and many more! 



MyoStorm "The Meteor" is a deep tissue massage device that is perfect for stiff muscles, knots, and soreness after workouts. The product was featured on Shark Tank and resulted in an intense bidding war between the investors! The product was ultimately funded beyond the asking and is regularly featured on Top 20 Shark Tank funded products!

The market adoption of the Meteor has allowed the founders to further their research and work on additional products to combat chronic pain and mitigate muscular recovery.


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