Global Product Makers was founded from more than 20 years of product inventing and product making experience. Global Product Makers contracts with individuals and businesses for Research and Development, Product Design, Prototyping, and Manufacturing of thier Market Ready Products.  Global Product Makers has extensive experience in bringing ideas to life.  Our slogan is, “Hold in your hand what you hold in your mind.”  We offer full product development services from idea visualization to prototyping, manufacturing, assembly and packaging.  We manage the entire process and deliver high quality, shelf ready or market ready products.

Global Product Makers has offices in Hong Kong and South Jordan, Utah and a 200,000sq/ft. manufacturing/assembly plant in Dongguan, China.  Our core materials are anything in rubber, silicone, plastic, aluminum and steel.  We own our own tooling and machine shop where we make tools and jigs in house.  Our Engineering and R&D Team consist of 4 product artist and 8 engineers with specialist in materials, mechanics, chemical, electronics, and ergonomics (for coolness and sexiness).  All of our engineers are proficient in Solid works and CAD.

Global Product Makers Factory is centrally located in Dongguan with tech savvy Shenzhen 45 minutes to the South and sourcing/manufacturing hub Guangzhou to the North 45 minutes.

our services

Research and Development

R & D is the critical 1st step toward a successful idea. Use the resources of Global Product Makers to provide additional research and development of your idea. Then let us assist you in proof of concept by testing with our engineers and inventors.

Product Design

Global Product Makers aid you in developing your initial idea into a design which is viable from a manufacturing standpoint. In short, we save you time and money by producing designs which are productionally sound, and assembly friendly in a manufacturing environment.

Design For Manufacturing

Do you have a design that you already like? Use the resources of Global Product Makers to make your design available for Mass Production.


Are you in need of a prototype? Here at Global Product Makers, we have advanced technology including state of the art printers and machinery. We make fully functional prototypes for demonstrational purposes.

Packaging Design

Product appearance is a key component to future success. Product appearance is as important as product placement. Use Global Product Makers to design attractive and efficient packaging designs for your product.

Tooling and Molding

Global Product Makers has a full in house machine shop for building molds and tools. We handle each and every aspect of the production process, while ensuring your intellectual property rights and patents.

Patent Filing

Here at Global Product Makers, we have in house Patent Attorneys who assist in developing and filing patents. Please contact us to learn more about protecting your idea and hard work.

Mass Production Product Assembly

Global Product Makers has advanced production facilities to mass produce your final product. We also assemble it, and provide shelf-ready presentation. Depending upon the specific requirements of your product, we have FDA Compliant Clean Rooms and several type of customizable production lines. Schedule a private tour of our factory, and learn for yourself how we can mass produce and present your product to market.

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